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quick lil' about me.

- " quick lil' about me "

well, I suppose I should add a quick lil' about me blurb to the site. since you're reading this, I guess you thought that would be a good idea as well right? haha. well, here we go people - keep reading. 

well i'm Brittany, the creator of Talking TEAChirts. it is currently 12:55am - a school night. I work best in the wee hours of the night or the wee hours of the morning.

hmm, let's see what else? I am originally from philadelphia, I attended school (undergrad and grad) in maryland - I am currently an elementary special education teacher. 

my favorite food is seafood, anything with shrimp, crabs, lobster - I will devour it! i also love hot wings (flats only), and lamb chops (literally obsessed). when it comes to food I have no self-control - I just love it so much!

I have a dog, a shih-tzu his name  is fleecey - he's super cute, cuddly and smart. hmm, I also have a youtube channel feel free to check me out on there. what else, what else? I love the water, I am a cancer (June 26), I love beyoncé and all things chloe x halle! 

I started Talking TEACHirts in 2019, after years of procrastination, changes, and blueprints. I love to write - which is why we have the teacher's lounge here. one day you'll find my name on the front cover of a book as an author. 

that's pretty much it for me. support a teacher. support a black owned brand. support a small business by shopping Talking TEACHirts - tell a friend to tell a friend. I am a teacherprenuer.

thank you for your support, because of you Talking TEACHirts is still standing tall 1 year and 3 months later. merci.

- Brittany, the Talking TEACHer


IG: @TalkingTEACHirts

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