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quarantine & teach.

" quarantine & teach "

greetings fellow educators, parents, and students!

remote learning, distance learning, hybrid learning - there's a ton of learning going on this 2020! I thought 2020 was supposed to be the year of new vision, clear vision, and perfect vision. it turns out 2020 is really all of those things combined - just not the way any of us imagined it would be. 

2020 has opened my eyes to so much, it's given me perspective, i've reflected on a lot, lost and gained so much this year. personally i've had some pretty low moments - that i've yet to find the strength to journal about... but i've also had a ton of high moments that brings me so much joy. for starters I earned my masters, had a beautiful birthday, and traveled out the country to a beautiful and refreshing location (i also have YT channel with a vlog of my travel experience, if you would like to check it out - comment below).

this quarantine - covid - pandemic has also allowed me to get closer to my family in so many ways, I am truly so thankful and grateful for the flexibility to work from virtually anywhere - and allow my family into my virtual classroom. it's actually kind of cool for my mom to see me in all of my "teacher glory." I certainly enjoy sharing those moments with those closest to me.

outside of that, virtual teaching is blessing and a curse. I miss my kiddos immensely, though I enjoy seeing their faces, hearing their voices and sharing a good laugh/smile each day. they truly warm my heart and I am amazed at how well they have adapted to this chaotic, ever changing world. resilient.

this pandemic has truly taught me the power of grace, timing, and reflection.

a few sites that have become my virtual best friends in this unpredictable pandemic are below:

how are you handling this pandemic? what's a site, show or podcast you would recommend to educators, parents, or even students?

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