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favorite color, october.

october, october, october - hmph.

where do we even begin? 

so lets see... october is one of my favorite months (outside of my birthday, June). whenever october comes along my calendar instantly becomes full with school, work and personal events. my entire calendar from beginning to end - full - extremely full.

we began october with Talking TEACHirts very first pop-up shop! it was a success! this was my first time ever hosting a pop up shop, I was very excited and put my all into every single detail - not knowing what to expect exactly... but it worked out well. thank you for all of your support, purchases and referrals - you are appreciated!

okay. next up, homecoming. yup, october is homecoming szn.  I went to thee illustrious morgan state university's homecoming. an absolute good time, every single year. very nostalgic, chaotic - yet organized, and filled with love and happiness. if you have not attended at homecoming at an hbcu, please add it to your list of festivities next year. personally, I've only attended 2 schools' homecomings, morgan state and cheyney (blah, hate that school) - but I digress. next year I plan to go on a homecoming tour visiting other universities and enjoying the homecoming nostalgia.

alrighty. october is also a huge birthday month for my linesisters, not to mention one of them got engaged so this month was extra special and filled with love. birthday brunches, parties, meet ups, sisterhood week etc. can you say drained?!

and then, the weather begins to change and students are counting down the days towards halloween - every. single. day. hahah. the funniest is asking my students for costume suggestions. they suggested for me to be a unicorn, princess, and the bride of chuckie (ehhh, uhkay?). I opted to be a liger, a lion and a tiger mix (ode to napoleon dynamite) and my puppy was a pumpkin. the cutest pumpkin ever, if I do say so myself.

so yeah, that was october. super busy. super fun. filled with love, smiles and costumes. I hope your october was grand.

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