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first week jitters.

first week jitters. 

first week jitters are oh so real! & I’m not talking about for students - they’re real for us educators too!

my school year began last week, 8/26 - a week before most schools in Baltimore city. my role as a special educator changed a bit from the past two years so I’m adjusting and figuring things out.

during the first week I had the pleasure of working with the cutest, sweetest, energetic, most innocent (did I mention energetic?) scholars in the school, pre-k.

although I was exhausted... almost every hour of the day haha - I absolutely enjoyed the daily hugs I received, the compliments, the nick name “teacherrrrr”, the toothless smiles, and the small conversations between myself and their parents - daily.

that small time in that classroom reminded me of my WHY. the reason I decided to become an educator. it’s my job to shape and create the way our children view school. & make it a positively memorable experience for everyone.

what if every child from elementary to high school came to school every day energetic, eager to learn, ready to explore, excited to sit on their own square, amazed at the small nuances that most of us take for granted?

what if every parent from elementary to high school trusted their child’s teachers to teach them, provide for them, and communicate with them everyday?

just imagine how beautiful that would be.

first week jitters.

I had no clue what to expect my first day.. or even my first week. I spent hours working on my schedule to administer services to my students. hours.. well days putting together my classroom. coins.. well dollars at target, lakeshore and dollar tree. countless hours asking for help, resources, advice and templates for my new position. hours.. days.. weeks in professional development learning, leading and revisiting strategies and techniques I’ve learned before.

I noticed a change in my spirit from working my summer job as coach BP, to transitioning into teacher mode as Miss. Palmer. I noticed a change in my energy from waking up super early (before my alarm), to trying to sleep in a few extra minutes. I noticed a change in my communication from staying on my phone to ignoring calls, texts, and turning notifications off. I noticed myself getting antsy, watching the clock, counting the hours and feeling myself get overwhelmed. 

not only did teacher mode start for me on the 26th, but student mode did as well. tip-toeing into my final year of grad school and receiving the influx of emails from advisors and professors - only to see that there was a hold on my account - yet another stressor. whew. 

first week jitters. whew. didn’t see any of this coming, but it came. taught me a few quick lessons along the way, and I’m happy to say I didn’t let any of that consume me because I KNEW God had a method, meaning and manifestation surrounding all of this. and he did. and I learned them.

as I read through this blog post I noticed how unstructured, spacey and unorganized my thoughts were & that’s exactly how my first week went haha. so that’s about right. didn’t know how to start it, started it and here it is. beautiful chaos. free. growing. out of my comfort zone. unlike anything I’ve done before. now don’t get me wrong. I had a plan, it wasn’t as elaborate and error free as I usually plan things but it worked. for me. I let go and let God guide my footsteps, lesson plans, tongue as I spoke with my financial advisor, creativity as I worked on the next collection for Talking TEACHirts, fingers as I typed and thoughts as I navigated through my first week as teacherrrr and as a final year masters student. 

first week jitters.

mastered it.

happy for it all.

thank you year 3, week 1. 

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  • Loved reading this, you got this!!!

    1st Grade Teacher

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